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welcome to NORA'S

retail sustainability
innovators' network.


what's our story?

In response to the ‘NORA’ community’s request to form a network of sustainable brand leaders - to promote best practices, innovation across retail and leading partnerships, we have launched the ‘RSIN’ (Retail Sustainability Innovators’ Network).

The goal is to drive momentum across all sectors of the NORA Network to embrace sustainable, circular and ethical strategies

We strive to shift the tide to create a sustainable retail ecosystem and believe every brand has the potential to be a pioneer in this movement

We’ll be hosting monthly sustainability brand leader gatherings across ANZ and will be launching in the coming weeks our Sustainability webinar stream - covering a 360 lens on ANZ retail sustainability.

We hope you can join us

our network advisors

The network's content and focus is carefully guided by our steering group. The group helps to determine which projects and initiatives are showcased and assists in hosting RSIN TV and our live events.


The invisible cost of online retail: Unpacking the Sustainability in Retail Supply Chain Report

Thursday 21st October 2021 @ 2pm-3pm

Sustainability Leaders’: Supply Chain Roundtable

4th November 2021

Sustainability Leaders’: End of year ‘circularity successes’

2nd December 2021 @

The sustainable packaging sense-check

10th February 2022

The invisible cost of online retail: Unpacking the Sustainability in Retail Supply Chain Report

Join Shippit co-founder Rob Hango-Zada and leading sustainability experts including, co-founder of Flora & Fauna Julie Mathers, Managing Director of Manhattan Associates Raghav Sibal, and Founder of cleantech startup Greener, Tom Ferrier to learn more about the data and research report on the invisible costs of online retail.

In this webinar, our panel will discuss the findings of Sustainability in Retail Supply Chain report to uncover how to: reduce waste and inefficiencies across the online delivery process data-driven insights on online retail trends and consumer behaviours empower customers to make consumer conscious decisions based on their finances and more

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we would love for you to join us to help guide and direct the (r) evolution of retail sustainability through innovation.